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Jetzt funktionieren die Git-Netzwerkbefehle weiterhin einwandfrei, aber die Benutzer können keine Shell abrufen. Wie in der Ausgabe angegeben, können Sie auch ein Verzeichnis im Ausgangsverzeichnis des git Benutzers einrichten, das den git-shell Befehl ein wenig anpasst. Sie können beispielsweise die vom Server akzeptierten Git-Befehle einschränken oder die Nachricht anpassen, die Benutzer. Scroll down to the GitHub Pages section. Press Choose a theme. Pick a theme. Choose one of the themes from the carousel at the top. When you're done, click Select theme on the right. Edit content. Use the editor to add content to your site. Commit. Enter a commit comment and click on Commit changes below the editor. Create an index file. Head over to GitHub.com and create a new repository, or.

Hosted where you need it Securely and reliably host your work on GitHub using GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Or deploy GitHub Enterprise Server in your own data centers or in a private cloud using Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Compare plans → Contact Sales for more information Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together

A hosts file, named hosts (with no file extension), is a plain-text file used by all operating systems to map hostnames to IP addresses. In most operating systems, the hosts file is preferential to DNS. Therefore if a domain name is resolved by the hosts file, the request never leaves your computer As mentioned in the GitHub Pages documentation, you can host a user/organization page in addition to project pages. Here are the key differences in GitHub Pages websites for Users and Organizations: You must use a <USERNAME>.github.io to host your generated content; Content from the master branch will be used to publish your GitHub Pages site; This is a much simpler setup as your Hugo files.

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All blocklists are gathered from multiple, actively maintained sources and automatically updated, cleaned, optimized and moderated on a daily basis. The optimizer makes full use of domainname based wildcard filtering *.doubleclick.net, this reduces the chance of missing any new subdomains and. cat github-key-temp >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts Or to install for all users on a system (as root): cat github-key-temp >> /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts Automated key installation. If you need to add a key during a build process then you should follow steps 1-3 of the manual process above Maybe it help someone somewhere, in my case (which was a private repo of git), host was suspended, so the issue was with my GitHub server and the administrator resolved it. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Apr 29 at 4:03. Naser Nikzad Naser Nikzad. 355 2 2 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. add a comment | 0. It worked for me when I used service apache2 stop share | improve. If you don't know, you can usually Google (domain registrar) change host records, and your registrar will have an explainer telling you how to do it. Change your domain's A Record to This is GitHub's IP address, which allows GitHub to resolve your URL and serve the correct files Git comes with built-in GUI tools (git-gui, gitk), but there are several third-party tools for users looking for a platform-specific experience. View GUI Clients → Logo

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  1. Many Git servers authenticate using SSH public keys. In order to provide a public key, each user in your system must generate one if they don't already have one. This process is similar across all operating systems. First, you should check to make sure you don't already have a key. By default, a user's SSH keys are stored in that user's ~/.ssh directory. You can easily check to see if.
  2. Die Hosts-Datei gilt oft als Relikt aus Vor-DNS-Zeiten, das keine Bedeutung mehr hat. Tat­sächlich ist dieser einfache Mechanismus für die Namens­auflösung aber weiter­hin wirk­sam und unter­stützt selbst IPv6. Neben den Bord­mitteln gibt es einige spezia­lisierte Tools, um die Ein­träge in der Hosts-File bequemer zu bearbeiten. Angesichts von vielen Millionen Servern im Internet.
  3. s on customer request on the VPS & Dedicated Server hosting. Pikacode, public GIT and Mercurial hosting site for open source, private and commercial.
  4. With the appropriate permissions, cPanel accounts can host Git repositories. Git's version control software tracks changes in a system of files that multiple users can manage simultaneously. This tutorial uses the command line to create or clone a new Git repository, update the repository's configuration, and clone the repository locally for updates. For a list of common Git commands and.
  5. resolve host: GitHub How can I solve this error? Toggle navigation. Back; Ask a question; Blogs; Browse Categories ; Browse Categories; Apache Kafka; Apache Spark; Big Data Hadoop; Blockchain; Career Counselling; Cloud Computing; Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking; Data Analytics; Database ; DevOps & Agile; Events & Trending Topics.
  6. Managing known_hosts Using Git. When I deploy new servers, they have new, unique SSH server key fingerprints, and I need to distribute these fingerprints securely to all of the other devices that will be connecting. For example, my Ansible control machine, log collector, etc. Previously, the was a manual job. For a couple of devices from time-to-time, it's not a major problem. However, now.
  7. Der 3-Schritte-Plan zum Umstieg. Informieren und Lernen: Das beste Buch zu Git (Pro Git) findet sich auf der offiziellen Git-Website - auch als E-Book für alle gängigen Reader. Ein sehr gutes Tutorial bietet auch die Firma Atlassian auf ihrer Website - und es gibt zahlreiche Videotutorials und Quickstarts. Wichtig: Nicht nur Befehle lernen, sondern sich intensiv mit der.

The humanish part of the source repository is used if no directory is explicitly given (repo for /path/to/repo.git and foo for host.xz:foo/.git). Cloning into an existing directory is only allowed if the directory is empty. GIT URLS. In general, URLs contain information about the transport protocol, the address of the remote server, and the path to the repository. Depending on the transport. How to Get Started with Git and Github -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWhnsx4PDQU How To add a Custom Domain On Github Pages- https://youtu.be/mPGi1IHQxFM. then we will match: both protocols are the same, both hosts are the same, and the pattern URL does not care about the path component at all. However, this context would not match: [credential https://kernel.org] username = foo . because the hostnames differ. Nor would it match foo.example.com; Git compares hostnames exactly, without considering whether two hosts are part of the same domain.

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It can host HTML websites. You can use Github to visually compare the content of two text files. The site's Gist service can used for anonymous publishing and as a tasklist. There're so many things do on Github already and you can how use it as a free file hosting service as well. How to Host Files on Github . It takes few easy steps to turn your Github into a file repository. You can. Does anyone know of a Git repository browser that I can host on my own server similar to GitHub? I really like the GitHub browsing and history interface, but my favorite part is the network graph. I'd like to run something like this to see the branches and merges in my own repositories

Now, for students like me and you, GitHub has something to offer, a free service called GitHub Pages. A simple name and even simpler the working. You can host your static web pages, like blog or. Workflow. Dein lokales Repository besteht aus drei Instanzen, die von git verwaltet werden. Die erste ist deine Arbeitskopie, welche die echten Dateien enthält.Die zweite ist der Index, welcher als Zwischenstufe agiert und zu guter Letzt noch der HEAD, der auf deinen letzten Commit zeigt We'll use the host git.droplet.com in place of the domain you will use for your VPS. This can be a great option if you want to keep your code private while you work. While open-souce tends to be the status quo, there are some times when you don't want to have your code freely available. An example would be if you are developing a mobile app, especially a paid one. Keep in mind this code can. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.. Git is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance.It outclasses SCM tools like Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and ClearCase with features like cheap local branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows Solution: create a ~/.ssh/config file and insert the line:. UserKnownHostsFile ~/.ssh/known_hosts You will then see the message the next time you access Github, but after that you'll not see it anymore because the host is added to the known_hosts file. This fixes the issue, rather than just hiding the log message

SSH will prompt user to authorize the first contact with a remote host. To avoid this prompt, one solution is to use the option accept_hostkey. Another solution is to add the remote host public key in /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts before calling the git module, with the following command: ssh-keyscan -H remote_host.com >> /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts Die Datei hosts (Plural von host, engl. ‚Wirte' oder ‚Gastgeber' i. S. v. Anbieter, Bereitsteller; i. d. R. kleingeschrieben, es sei denn, das Dateisystem unterstützt dies nicht) ist eine lokale Konfigurationsdatei, um Hostnamen zu IP-Adressen zuzuordnen. Diese System-Datei wurde ursprünglich an Stelle des Domain Name System verwendet In this tutorial, we are going to learn about using the GitHub to host our website, without paying anything at all, using GitHub Pages.. It's important that you follow this link as a prerequisite to this tutorial.. A beginner may not be sure of whether to invest in buying server space, and GitHub gets their work done, for free, in a much clean and elegant manner, using a feature provided by. TortoiseGit provides overlay icons showing the file status, a powerful context menu for Git and much more! Learn more about TortoiseGit.. Downloa Command pipenv lock would timeout every time. Had issues creating a Pipfile.lock file, always erroring out due to timeout.. Research showed the pipenv install and lock commands use a base 15min timeout under sysenv variable PIPENV_INSTALL_TIMEOUT.. If you are locking a lot of heavy dependencies, then you will need to increase this by updating the environment variable

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  1. /etc/hosts for Vimeo, Reddit, and Imgur. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. mul14 / 00_etc-hosts.md. Last active Aug 17, 2020. Star 221 Fork 56 Code Revisions 27 Stars 221 Forks 56. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website.
  2. Git documentation - Git-Dokumentation auf der Git-Website (englisch) Pro Git - deutsche Übersetzung des Buches Pro Git auf der Git-Website; Git for Windows (englisch) Git: a brief introduction auf YouTube mit Randal L. Schwartz, seit 2005 ein Wegbereiter von Git, am 12. Oktober 2007 (englisch
  3. imal requirements and can run on an inexpensive Raspberry Pi. Some users even run Gogs instances on their.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash. GitHub has a free service called GitHub Pages for students like us. A simple name and even simpler workings. Host static web pages, like a blog or portfolio, on. Make Bitbucket your Git sandbox with tutorials that bring you up to speed with Git and help you build effective workflows. Learn more. Download Sourcetree, our free Git GUI. Say goodbye to the command line - Sourcetree simplifies how you interact with your Git repositories so you can focus on coding. Learn more. Integrations: Bitbucket, but better . Start with Bitbucket, then bring in the. Hey, this is kamal. Today we are going to see how to host a static website for free on GitHub Support us on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/packetcode Web. Git Bash can actually provide a fairly robust shell experience on Windows. Git Bash comes packaged with the following shell commands which are outside the scope of this document: Ssh, scp, cat, find. In addition the previously discussed set of Bash commands, Git Bash includes the full set of Git core commands discussed through out this site

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  1. Zugriff mit git+ssh SSH ist von außen nicht erreichbar. Um git über SSH zu nutzen, muss ein Tunnel aufgebaut werden. Dazu wird ein self-activated IBR-Account benötigt. Beispiel für ssh/.config. Host ibr User <deineyNummer> HostName linux.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de Host git.fginfo.tu-bs.de User git HostName git.fginfo.tu-bs.de ProxyJump ib
  2. Sep 15, 2016 · Browse other questions tagged git github github-for-windows or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 261: Leveling up with Personal Development Nerd
  3. g Code to Appease Activists 123 Bryan R. Smith/Getty. Lucas Nolan 15 Jun 2020. Code-hosting portal GitHub is reportedly working on replacing the program
  4. If you just want to launch a simple static website you can use GitHub Pages to host your site for free. Let's get started. Note: This post assumes that you have a GitHub account and some basic knowledge of the version control system Git. Create Your GitHub Repository. The files that make up your website will need to be stored within a GitHub repository. If you're creating a website to.
  5. GitHub: Microsoft/GitHub, Inc 2008-04 No No Unknown No Yes Denies Service to Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria. List of government takedown requests: GitLab: GitLab Inc. 2011-09: Partial: Yes: GitLab Community Edition (CE) — free software GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE) — proprietary No Yes Denies Service to Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria: GNU Savannah: Savannah.
  6. To use Git LFS, you will need a Git LFS aware host such as Bitbucket Cloud or Bitbucket Server.Repository users will need to have the Git LFS command-line client installed, or a Git LFS aware GUI client such as Sourcetree.Fun fact: Steve Streeting, the Atlassian developer who invented Sourcetree, is also a major contributor to the Git LFS project, so Sourcetree and Git LFS work together rather.
  7. ates the need to operate your own source control system or worry about scaling its infrastructure

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GitHub, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that provides hosting for software development and version control using Git.It offers the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git, plus its own features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project On the settings screen, look for the Github Pages section; in the Source option, click on the drop-down list that by default displays None, and select Master branch from the list of options. Now click the Save button to make sure the changes are committed. And that's it for the Github side of things; now we can jump over to Publii for the final step. Syncing your Publii static site with Github. You can host or import Git repositories on Launchpad. And this is entirely free. Launchpad is a good choice if you can ignore the stale interface and slightly different workflow than GitHub. 5. Google Cloud Source Repositories. Google Cloud Source Repositories can be a good alternative for private repositories. You can get started for free with a limit of 5 users and 50 GB storage. To start.

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Host your own git repository at home. August 3, 2017 September 14, 2017 | by nachoparker. While Github is a great way of sharing your project and cooperating with others, often times you would like to have stuff such as your code or configuration files under version control. You can setup a Gitlab service at home if you want to be in control of your central repository, but unless you are going. Host-CPU. 01.10.2008Produkte Matrox Imaging Library 9.0: praxiserprobte Entwicklungswerkzeuge für interaktive Software- und Matrox Imaging Library 9.0: praxiserprobte Entwicklungswerkzeuge fü

GitHub Pages are public webpages hosted for free through GitHub. GitHub users can create and host both personal websites (one allowed per user) and websites related to specific GitHub projects. Pages lets you do the same things as GitHub, but if the repository is named a certain way and files inside it are HTML or Markdown, you can view the file like any other website. GitHub Pages is the self. When I had to move a number of Git projects to a new host, it took me quite some time to find an accurate method. Having made many attempts, and a couple of fails, and carefully reading Git's documentation, I found a solid and effective way.I thought, then, that every developer would benefit from knowing how to migrate a Git repository to a new host quickly and easily SUMMARY The documented example is for the known_hosts module is invalid. It uses a parameter that does not exist. - name: Another way to call known_hosts known_hosts: hostname: host1.example.com # or key: host1.example.com,10.9.. Ansible Rollen für die Server des Freifunk Regensbur Delete license.txt and readme.txt files.; Open index.html file in your code editor such as VS Code or Sublime as well as in your browser.; Start doing the necessary changes in the text from your code editor and reflect on the changes by refreshing your browser. Also you can put your own images and background by changing the pictures in the images folder, but remember to put the same.

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Im Prinzip braucht man für Git keinen Server, denn es handelt sich um ein Peer-to-Peer-System. Wenn man im Team Software entwickelt oder andere Dateien bearbeitet, ist es aber praktisch, einen zentralen Platz zu haben, an dem sich die Dateien befinden, der sich zum Beispiel in Backups einbinden lässt bebasid menjangkau cukup banyak situs, terutama yang sering diakses kalian bisa menambahkannya dengan cara membuka isu baru di GitHub maupun di Discord. Ramah Privasi bebasid sangat mendukung penuh privasi penggunanya, oleh karena itu kode dari kami sangatlah transparan, sumber kode kami pun bisa dilihat dan terbuka untuk umum Git for Windows focuses on offering a lightweight, native set of tools that bring the full feature set of the Git SCM to Windows while providing appropriate user interfaces for experienced Git users and novices alike. Git BASH. Git for Windows provides a BASH emulation used to run Git from the command line. *NIX users should feel right at home, as the BASH emulation behaves just like the git. Bonobo Git Server is an open-source project as it is licensed with a MIT License. The source code is available on github and is very extensible — you can influence its future. Contribute and make your feature part of the best git server for Windows. Free. Bonobo Git Server is a free git server for Windows and it should stay free. However, you can still support the project in multiple ways. GitHub ist ein netzbasierter Dienst zur Versionsverwaltung für Software-Entwicklungsprojekte.Namensgebend war das Versionsverwaltungssystem Git.Das Unternehmen GitHub, Inc. hat seinen Sitz in San Francisco in den USA.Ähnliche Dienste sind GitLab und Bitbucket.Seit dem 26. Dezember 2018 gehört das Unternehmen zu Microsoft

Microsoft hosts the Windows source in a monstrous 300GB Git repository Virtualized file system approach makes Git work better for huge repositories. Peter Bright - Feb 6, 2017 11:20 pm UT Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host C Library - git checkou

github.com (hosted on github.com) details, including IP, backlinks, redirect information, and reverse IP shared hosting data. About Documentation Rankings. Login Sign up. About. Documentation. Rankings. github.com. Host.io Rank We use a propriety algorithim to rank the top 10M domain names. Download our domain rankings. #33. Web. Discover top-level information for this domain. View API. Perhaps I'm an odd duck (I am) but I think current git hosts are no longer meant for hackers and I really wanted a git host that is and that's why I'm building gitern. Gitern is just getting started and only has essential features today but we already have a few differentiators: - all auth is done with ssh keys (no password or email required) - arbitrary repository paths allowing for (1. Now, if I run ssh -T git@github.com as described in the guide to test if I set everything up correctly, it doesn't even prompt me for my passphrase, but immediately returns ssh: connect to host github.com port 22: Connection refused Host app for the WebExtension PassFF. Git Clone URL: https://aur.archlinux.org/passff-host-git.git (read-only, click to copy) : Package Base

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Your DNS-data will be stored inside a git repository that we host for you, so we need to make sure that you can access this via an SSH key. Once you've uploaded your SSH key we'll be able to authenticate access to your hosted git repository, and you may clone it to your local system. When you clone your repository you'll find there is a top-level zones/ directory. You can examine the sample. google + hosts. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. ofan / hosts. Created Jul 10, 2011. Star 0 Fork 0; Code Revisions 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or. Local Git deployment to Azure App Service. 06/18/2019; 8 minutes to read; In this article. This how-to guide shows you how to deploy your app to Azure App Service from a Git repository on your local computer.. Prerequisite All development happens on GitHub in an open manner. No code drop, no hidden licenses: this is free software and will always be. Report an issue. Features. Pronterface, Pronsole, Printcore. Printrun is a full suite of host interfaces for 3D printers and CNC, consisting of: Pronterface, a fully-featured GUI host; Pronsole, an interactive command line host for the console lovers (or printing. Education Host has partnered with GitHub Education to provide a year of Web Hosting on our Student Designer package. Learn with Education Host & GitHub Student Developer Pack. Education Host is a UK based, global provider of student, business and faculty hosting, founded in 2011. Students use Education Host to host their websites, assignments and node apps, growing their skills by taking.

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  1. Configuring git-review. Git's default remote host name is origin. This name is also used by Wikimedia projects. We need to tell git-review to use that host. Replace gerrituser with your Gerrit username: git config --global gitreview.remote origin. git config --global gitreview.username gerrituser. Setting up git-review. After downloading (cloning) a repository, you need to set it up for.
  2. Google Drive can act as a simple Git host for backup and sharing of personal and collaborative small team script projects. Let's see how easy this is to set up. Setup Google Drive for Git Hosting. STEP 1: Download and Install Google Drive for your desktop and ensure Git is installed on your system. STEP 2: Create a Git respository for your project. STEP 3: From inside the project folder.
  3. AUR : passff-host-app.git: AUR Package Repositories | click here to return to the package base details pag
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[server]$ git commit -m Committing website files for the first time [master (root-commit) e11cdb7] Committing website files for the first time 6 files changed, 34 insertions(+) create mode 100644 favicon.ico create mode 100644 images/image1.jpg create mode 100644 images/image2.jpg create mode 100644 images/image3.jpg create mode 100644 index.htm Figure 15: Credential phishing landing page for Jrgen-employ [.] github [.] io. Figure 16: email lure for net-mailcn.github.io . Figure 17: Credential phishing landing page for net-mailcn.github.io. Observed abuse of GitHub to host phishing kits extended beyond campaigns targeting English-speaking victims, as the example in Figures 18 and 19 show GitHub Desktop Focus on what matters instead of fighting with Git. Whether you're new to Git or a seasoned user, GitHub Desktop simplifies your development workflow. Download for macOS Download for Windows (64bit) Download for macOS or Windows (msi) Download for Windows. By downloading, you agree to the Open Source Applications Terms Git Set passwords for Git remotes Every time you interact with a remote Git repository (for example, during a pull , update , or push operation), it requires authorization Learn Git branching. Try Git commands right from your web browser. Featuring some of your soon-to-be favorites: branch, add, commit, merge, revert, cherry-pick, rebase! Visualizing Git. Look under the hood! Explore how Git commands affect the structure of a repository within your web browser with a free explore mode, and some constructed.

Learn how Docker helps developers bring their ideas to life by conquering the complexity of app development The authenticity of host 'accountname.beanstalkapp.com (' can't be established. RSA key fingerprint is 30:9a:97:f3:19:4f:d1:6e:28:76:9e:e7:d1:df:2c:31. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? You can type yes and press Enter, which will add your account's hostname accountname.beanstalkapp.com to a known_hosts file. This step won't need to be repeated unless.

We've added a direct connection between File Exchange and GitHub. In practice, this means that if your code already lives on GitHub, you can leave it there. The File Exchange is now smart enough to distribute the code directly from GitHub to anyone who asks for it from MATLAB Central. You get all the benefits of collaborative development in GitHub while community members get access to the. Greedy cybercriminals host malware on GitHub. Threat Intelligence Team, 13 March 2018. Cryptocurrency mining malware, which also installs a malicious Chrome extension, hosted on GitHub for anyone to download. Cybercriminals are aggressively uploading cryptocurrency mining malware to GitHub. The cybercriminals fork other projects, which on Github means producing a copy of someone else's. Der ESP8266 und der ESP32 sind in der Bastlerwelt sehr beliebt. Damit die Arduino-IDE mit den kleinen Prozessoren umgehen kann, sind einige zusätzliche Installationsschritte notwendig. Wir zeigen. I tried to use set up git and use it for github, then when I followed the help doc, but when I got to step 5 of the set up ssh keys section:Test everything out , When I used this command: ssh -T git@github.com I got an error: ssh: connect to host github.com port 22: No route to host. Then I used this command: ssh -vT git@github.com Here is what.

Web hosting, git & gitlab | All about hostingHow to Use Plesk for Git Hosting - Plesk Tips and SolutionsGit Hosting ⋆ CiviHostingTop 10 Website to Host Git Repository Online

The series describes the technical debt of the Android Common Kernels and express a worklist for upstreaming out-of-tree patches. kernel/configs kernel/cuttlefish-modules Bug: 142070913 kernel/exynos kernel/goldfish kernel/goldfish-modules Bug: 147495602 kernel/hikey-linaro kernel/hikey-modules Bug: 148454045 kernel/lk kernel/manifest Owner: android-kernel-team@google.com kernel/mediatek. Using shared git working area on multiple hosts Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepaar With thanks & praise to God, and.. In this article, we'll walk through the quickest way to set up a Jekyll powered blog, how to avoid common problems with using Jekyll, and much more Download prometheus-sap_host_exporter-.5.1+git.1593777035.a5d05f8-lp152.3.3.1.x86_64.rpm for 15.2 from openSUSE Update Oss repository. pkgs.org. About; Contributors; Linux. Adélie Alpine ALT Linux Arch Linux CentOS Debian Fedora KaOS Mageia Mint OpenMandriva openSUSE OpenWrt PCLinuxOS Slackware Solus Ubuntu. Unix. FreeBSD NetBSD. Support Us; Search . Settings. openSUSE Leap 15.2. openSUSE. Sie erstellen die App mithilfe der Azure CLI und stellen mit Git den .NET Core-Code für die App bereit. You create the app using the Azure CLI, and you use Git to deploy the .NET Core code to the app. Die Schritte in diesem Artikel können unter Mac, Windows oder Linux ausgeführt werden. You can follow the steps in this article using a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine. Wenn Sie kein Azure. An application programming interface (API) for KIOXIA's Software-Enabled Flash technology is now available on GitHub

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